Day: 4. September 2023

2023/08 Japan’s Fermelanta to produce bio-based pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients using E. coli Firmelanta is a startup from Ishikawa Prefectural University that uses E. coli bacteria to create biotech products. The company is currently constructing various recombinant E. coli strains for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. In addition to its own production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients using the strains it has developed, the […]

CarbGem has developed a 5 min automatic GRAM staining device The startup CarbGem uses AI and other technologies to test for infectious disease. The company now has developed a compact automated Gram staining device called PoCGS-iE. In addition to research institutions, the company will also sell the product to food companies, livestock farms, and other companies with a need to confirm bacterial species. […]

Japanese consortium: flavor of cultured meat needs improvement According to a joint poster presentation at the 5th Cellular Agriculture Conference by Professor Noriya Matsuzaki and his team from Osaka University, Toppan Printing, Shimadzu Corporation and Itoham, the taste of cultured meat still needs some improvement. Prof. Matsuzaki and his colleagues have developed technology to produce cultured meat using a 3D printer. Muscle […]

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