Day: 23. October 2022

Stretchable and self-healing polymer gels formed by a facile one-step synthesis Researchers at the National Institute for Material Sciences have formed highly stretchable and self-healing polymer gels solely by physical entanglements of ultrahigh–molecular weight (UHMW) polymers fabricated through a facile one-step process. Radical polymerization of vinyl monomers in ionic liquids under very low initiator concentration conditions produced UHMW polymers of more than 106 g/mol with […]

Osaka University will establish “digital twin” for human organ interactions Osaka University’s “Human Metabolic Disease Research Center” will establish a “digital twin” for organoids  created mainly from iPS cells, and their diseases.  The response of organoids to disease states will be comprehensively investigated using multi-omics analysis, single-cell analysis, quantum sensing, The bio-digital twins created will be shared by constructing a new metaverse space. The […]

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