Month: May 2018

Shimadzu develops „high-precision metabolome analysis system“

Under a NEDO contract and jointly with Kobe University, Shimadzu Co. has introduced an automat that can simultaneously analyze 150 cell metabolites at high sensitivity. Sample pretreatment is included and allows for high throughput. Analysis is based on a triple quadrupole liquid chromatography mass spectrometer. The system can be combined with a multi-omics analysis package […]

Nakagawa Pharmaceuticals introduces beverage holder „Smart Carry“ containing 10 % bio-polyethylene

The company is specialized in manufacturing packaged products. From summer 2018, it will sell nationwide a bag system containing 10 % of polyethylene derived from sugar cane (Braskem). Sales point is that the plastic bag can hold hot or cold drinks without prior assembly and just hangs next to the serving machine. It is expected […]

Integriculture venture has raised 300 million Yen for development of meat from cell culture

The Tokyo-based venture founded in 2015 aims to commercialize cellular agricultural products such as meat obtained from cell culture technology. Integriculture’s Culnet System Technology is based on large-scale cell culture using a flow-type cell culture system and inexpensive serum-free medium. The company claims to have already reduced cell culture costs to 1/10000 of the […]

Nagoya University spins out iBody venture

The company will commercialize their ecobody system” developed by Professor Hideo NAKANO. From singularized B-cells obtained from a trace amount of blood, mAbs can be produced in a cell-free E. coli system, and mAbs with high affinity and high selectivity for a target antigen are selected using recombinant E. coli. The whole process takes only […]

With Maki KAWAI the Chemical Society of Japan appoints the first woman president ever

Professor Maki Kawai was introduced as the new president of CSJ on May 23. She has received numerous awards in recognition of her research on chemical reactions at surfaces, including the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese government (2017), The IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women in Chemistry / Chemical Engineering(2015)and the Chemical Society […]

RIKEN launches Center for Life Science Research

The center will be headquartered at RIKEN’s Bioresource Science Research Center (BDR) in Kobe City and comprise the Life System Research Center (QBiC), the Multicell System Research Center (CDB) and the Life Science Technology Infrastructure Research Center (CLST). RIKEN views BDR as a new virtual organization in the field of life science that tackles the […]

Digital Garage (DG)-initiated consortium launches „Open Network Lab BioHealth“

Several business companies including major pharmaceutical companies, venture capital, and Digital Garage Co., a business context company, have formed a consortium to comprehensively support start-ups in the field of life science. Applicants are offered free of charge offices in Tokyo, a training camp in Kamakura, an incubation center in Digital Garage’s San Francisco location, and […]

Tavelmout Co. manufactures Spirulina for food products, manufactures in Brunei

Tavelmout has been founded in 2014 as a 100 % subsidiary of the Chitose group. The focus is on Spirulina-based health food products, sales in FY 2017 were close to 100 million Yen. Tavelmout has received 1.7 billion yen investment from the Industrial Innovation Organization and Mitsubishi Co. It presently produces Spirulina in photobioreactors […]

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