Day: 18. July 2017

Tohoku university’s ToMMo program announces publication of 3,554 genomes of Japanese

The Tohoku University Medical and Mechanical Banking Organization (ToMMo), founded after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, has announced to release further genomes of Japanese individuals on their website, bringing the total to 3,554 genomes. This information will be used to speed up the discovery of gene markers for diseases and of personalized medical treatment in […]

University team develops gas-permeable, lightweight, stretchable on-skin electronics using nanomeshes

A team of the University of Tokyo, Keio University and RIKEN has designed a biocompatible electrode made of gold and nanomesh-size PVA which was fixed on the skin of 20 subjects for 1 week without them showing any sign of inflammatory response. As by this technology the measurement of biological informations becomes possible on the […]

Teijin contracts with JCR Pharma to develop cell products from dental pulp

Under the contract, JCR will use its cell processing facility to develop JTR – 161 (DPC = dental pulp cells) for the treatment of acute cerebral infarction. JTR-161 stem cells are derived from dental pulp obtained from extracted teeth of healthy Japanese donors. The product will be administered intravenously to suitable patients (allogenic, probably MHC-tested) […]

Die japanische Kamera-Industrie diversifiziert in die Biomedizin

Der Markt für Kompaktkameras wird zunehmend bedroht durch die immer leistungsfähigeren Kameras in Smartphones, deren Bilder auch gleich in soziale Netzwerke hochgeladen werden können. Alle japanischen Kamera-Hersteller investieren deshalb nachhaltig in neue Geschäftsfelder, meist im Bereich der Biomedizin und versuchen damit, einem Technologiewandel durch Diversifikation zu begegnen.

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