Day: 10. July 2017

NEDO starts new program for regional biomass use

The program will focus on mixing food processing residues and livestock manure urine, feeding a mobile heat supply system to a large biogas plant (Hokkaido Air Water Co.), and on the use of chicken feces for methane gas power generation (Mitsuyasu Co.,. Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co., Mie Prefecture). NEDO news release, July 10, […]

NEC and National Cancer Research Center develop real-time endoscopic cancer diagnosis based on artificial intelligence

The system can discover colorectal cancer and precancerous lesions (colon neoplastic polyps) in real time during endoscopic examination. The PC-based system uses AI technology utilizing deep learning for image analysis, high speed processing algorithms, and an advanced image processing device. Using 5,000 endoscopic images from the National Cancer Research Center Central were provided to NEC […]

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, a spinout of Takeda, starts operation

During reorganization of its R & D organization, Takeda Pharmaceutical span out in April Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, a 100 % subsidiary targeting drug discovery support projects such as exploration, screening, optimization, medicinal pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation of new drugs. 250 employees were transferred to the subsidiary. The new company will participate in open […]

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