Day: 29. November 2014

Fuji Keizai: Japanese health food market in 2014 at 1.289 billion Yen (8,75 bill. €), 3.2 % increase over 2013

About 10 % of this market is covered by drinks related to the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, e. g. drinks (in particular teas) which lower cholesterol level or improve the level of blood sugar. For 2015, the market research institute predicts a stable market for health foods and drinks. Fuji Keizai Co.: H · B […]

Tsukuba Botanical Garden shows world’s first blue chrysanthemum, collaboration of NARO flower institute with Suntory

Similar to roses and carnations, chrysanthemums also lack a 5′-hydroxylase gene which is required to produce delphinidin from cyanidin. Researchers in NAROs Tsukuba Flower Institute introduced 5′-hydroxylase gene into chrysanthemums which was expressed in the petals resulting in delphinidin formation. In order to obtain a deep-blue color of the petals, other modifications such as allowing […]

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